The song “Goin’ To Chicago” from the movie is a famous Song, sung by Van Morrison. The song is composed by Van Morrison with lyrics written by .

Singer(s): Van Morrison
Musician(s): Van Morrison

Goin’ To Chicago Song Lyrics-Van Morrison

You keep your New York joys
I’m bound for Illinois
Just as fast as I can
You New York woman think you make a fool of any man
Play all kinds of games and you cheat if you can
Treat them like a tool, make a man a fool
What a beautiful model, got my money that’s it
How come you mind if I split?
Goin’ back where a woman knows to treat a man
And people are friendly without no hidden plan
It’s the best in the Midwest
It’s a real town, city full of good folks who come from home
And when I get back I’ll never run far from my Chi-Town
Goodbye, farewell, I’ma see you later

Goin’ to Chicago, so sorry that I can’t take you
(I come from Chi-Town, Chi-Town is my town)
We’re goin’ to Chicago, sorry that, can’t take you
(No use in crying, tired of your lying)
Ain’t nothing left to scream and dream in town
Mucky woman like you can do, can do
(I gotta quit ya, can’t make it with ya)
When you see me comin’, baby, raise up your window high
(Push your window to the sky, yeah)
When you see me comin’, want you to raise up your window high
(Catch me passin’ on the fly, yeah)
See me leavin’, hang your head and cry
(Shut your soul and wonder why)
Hurry down, hurry down, hurry down back to sunshine
See what tomorrow, tomorrow brings
Hurry down sunshine, see what tomorrow brings (tomorrow, tomorrow)
Might bring rain,
might bring the rites of spring (tomorrow brought sorrow)

Mean and evil, you’re mean and evil and you
Do things you ought not to, ought not to do
(Now you’re a mean one, first time I’ve seen one)
You’re so mean and evil, you know what I mean?
Do things you ought not do
(You used to be cool, go find a new fool)
But now I’ve got my money, honey, and I don’t have to put up with you
Hate you and your town that’s why I’ve got to put you down

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