The song “In God’s Country” from the movie is a famous Song, sung by U2. The song is composed by U2 with lyrics written by .

Singer(s): U2
Musician(s): U2

In God’s Country Song Lyrics-U2


Desert sky

Dream beneath a desert sky

The rivers run but soon run dry

We need new dreams tonight

Desert rose

Dreamed I saw a desert rose

Dress torn in ribbons and in bows

Like a siren she calls to me

Sleep comes like a drug

Sad eyes, crooked crosses

Set me alight

We’ll punch a hole right through the night

Everyday the dreamers die

See what’s on the other side

She is liberty

And she comes to rescue me

Hope, faith, her vanity

The greatest gift is gold

Sleep comes like a drug

Sad eyes crooked crosses

Naked flame

She stands with a naked flame

I stand with the sons of Cain

Burned by the fire of love

Burned by the fire of love

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