The song “Little Miss Loser” from the movie is a famous Song, sung by The Supremes. The song is composed by The Supremes with lyrics written by .

Singer(s): The Supremes
Musician(s): The Supremes

Little Miss Loser Song Lyrics-The Supremes

(R. Miller/R. Jacques/W. Vandenberg)
Set the table
Supper’s done
Candlelight and wine for one
‘Cause little Miss Loser
Lost again
Christmas eve
You waited for
But all your dreams stayed
In the store, yes
Little Miss Loser
Lost again

Aren’t you the same child
Who had those tears in your eyes
Why were you the only kid in town
Who bought a box of cracker jacks
And didn’t get a prize
Even then the world put you down

Cinderella, found her knight
Love protected Miss Snow White while
Prince charming where have you been
Come on in
And help little Miss loser win

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