The song “Marie’s Wedding” from the movie is a famous Song, sung by Van Morrison. The song is composed by Van Morrison with lyrics written by .

Singer(s): Van Morrison
Musician(s): Van Morrison

Marie’s Wedding Song Lyrics-Van Morrison


Step we gaily on we go,

Heel and heel

And toe for toe,

Arm and arm

And row and row,

All for Marie’s wedding.

Over hillways, up and down,

Myrtle green and bracken brown,

Past the sheilings through the town

All for the sake of Marie.


Red her cheeks as Rowan’s are,

Bright her eyes as any star.

Fairest of them all by far,

Is our darlin’ Marie.


Plenty herring, plenty meal,

Plenty peat to fill her kreel.

Plenty bonnie bairns as well,

That’s the toast for Marie.

Repeat Chorus

repeat verse one

repeat chorus

repeat verse two

repeat chorus

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