The song “Open Your Box” from the movie is a famous Song, sung by Yoko Ono. The song is composed by Yoko Ono with lyrics written by .

Singer(s): Yoko Ono
Musician(s): Yoko Ono

Open Your Box Song Lyrics-Yoko Ono

Open your box,

Open your box,

Open your trousers,

Open your thighs,

Open your legs,

Open, open, open, open, oooh.

Open, open, open, open,

Open your legs,

Open your flies,

Open your ears,

Open your nose,

Open your mouth,

Open, open, open, open, oooh.


Open your cold feet,

Open, open,

Open, open, open, let’s open, let’s open the cities.

Open the cities,

Open, open, open the world,

Open, let’s open the world.

Open, open, oooh –

Open, open, ooh!

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