The song “Return From The Planet Of The Apes” from the movie is a famous Song, sung by They Might Be Giants. The song is composed by They Might Be Giants with lyrics written by .

Singer(s): They Might Be Giants
Musician(s): They Might Be Giants

Return From The Planet Of The Apes Song Lyrics-They Might Be Giants

Cornellius, Cornellius, I miss you ape
I miss you ape
I miss your toffee cape
I miss your toffee cape, Cornellius, Cornellius, you were my favorite ape
I’ve got to get back to that crazy planet that they call the planet of the apes
And find Cornellius, my favorite ape
I miss his toffee cape, I say toffee – some would just say tan
But I’m a sophisticated guy so I call it toffee

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