The song “Seans & Quot;In The Sky & Quot ;” from the movie is a famous Song, sung by Yoko Ono. The song is composed by Yoko Ono with lyrics written by .

Singer(s): Yoko Ono
Musician(s): Yoko Ono

Seans & Quot;In The Sky & Quot ; Song Lyrics-Yoko Ono

-“daddy, when did we have no house? ”

-“when? ”

-“when, when did we have no house and we rented this house? ”

-“in 1973, we didn’t have this house, yet, that’s when we bought this house”


-“two years before you were born”

-“oh, and I just wasn’t coming with you? to find this house? ”

-“no, well you weren’t born yet. you were still in the sky.”

-“oh, and when I came back, was down here, what did I went in? ”

-“a little, a little cardboard box. with a little blanket in, little teeny tiny

Teeny tiny little boy in a little tiny cardboard box. they used to have apples in it, hmm

You used to do this here.”

-“a apple box!”

-“well, a little cardboard box, you see. like they bring groceries in. and it was you instead of the groceries.

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