The song “Slug” from the movie is a famous Song, sung by U2. The song is composed by U2 with lyrics written by .

Singer(s): U2
Musician(s): U2

Slug Song Lyrics-U2

Don’t want to lose my shirt, don’t want to dig the dirt
Don’t want you to get hurt, can’t help it, I’m a flirt
Don’t want to take your drugs, don’t want to be your slug
Don’t want to overdress, don’t want to make a mess
Don’t want you to confess, not under duress
Don’t want to be untrue, I want to be with you
Don’t want to lose my nerve, don’t want to clothe the curve
Don’t want to make you swerve, don’t want what I deserve
Don’t want to change the frame, don’t want to be a pain
Don’t want to stay the same

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